Saturday Nov 06, 2010

Travel Plans Brother

Fire from Heaven

All comparisons in art are a trap.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know what we are doing. My excursion with each piece is a trek into the unknown. This suits my temperament. The experience is clear to me.

When asked to elaborate, I say this: Here are two experiences to ponder. You go to a travel agent to pick up your ticket. You have booked a flight to Los Angeles. You know your destination. Now, the other experience: you go to the travel agent and he hands you a ticket, but no destination labeled. What’s this? He explains that you’ll travel until you get there, wherever there is. Now, this is the juice that keeps me a dedicated painter.

I have faith that the Great Unconscious will take me to a worthwhile destination—and the miracle is that it does so without fail or hesitation; you can’t fool the source of art.

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