Friday Mar 14, 2008

Too Philosophical

I am an artist, you say.

Why should I concern myself with the difference between intuition and thought? It is too philosophical and not important to my work, you might also think. But it is important, and only your ego would attempt to steer you away from a philosophy that would keep it in check.

To the point: freeing the mind of thought through whatever means creates the space for intuition to enter, which is the source of strength that defeats both rejection and gloating.

As we know from practical experience, material things in our universe don’t occupy the same space at the same time. Still, how often have you felt one way and responded with an opposite thought? “Oh, yes, that dress looks great on you.” Is this remark hypocrisy, cowardice, or good people skills?

Of course, such political largesse doesn’t belong in art.

Or, does this dress make me look fat?

Just kidding. I believe intuition is a powerful force, although I can’t say I know when I’m thinking or having a intuitive moment. I’m not even mentioning ego, either.

Posted by soho art chick on 03/18 at 08:11 PM from NYC.

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