Thursday Sep 11, 2003

Too Many Artists?

One absurd rumor you are likely to hear over and over is that there are millions of artists, and by implication, who needs yet another one. In fact, art marketers and galleries would have you believe that artists are falling out of the trees and you cannot but bump into at least a dozen of them every time you go out and about.

Certainly, gallery owners, for example, do see many artists because artists approach them to sell their work. By perpetuating this myth of “too many” artists, the marketers get the upper hand in a psyche out manipulative game that creates a sense of competition and puts the unwary artist on the defensive. The savvy artist, however, knows better than to fall into that trap because there is no good reason for anyone to include this myth in the conversation.

And even if there were millions of artists flowing from some veritable cornucopia, quantity and quality are different issues. There is no shortage of space for true artists because there is always plenty of room at the top.»

the ebb and flow of accumulation and distribution is what markets are made of:  buyers and sellers, those who want, and those provide.  Over supply is self correcting… Too many deer leads to die off; reduction of population leads to increased breeding and coefficient of survivability. 

some life areas indeed do have a low barrier to entry.  But it is exactly those, where the true craftsman, salesman, actor/actress, neh, even brokers and car salesman can shine.  The good ones stand out.

Posted by David Korn on 02/17 at 10:43 PM from Dharma City, Essex County New Jersey, near Eden Sp.

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