Tuesday Nov 04, 2003

The Painted Word

When I began writing for a living, I used to think: How much easier it must be for a painter. After all, the patron looks at the art as a gestalt. Point and click in the mind’s eye. With writing, an editor must carefully read, a time-consuming effort that all too often falls on eyes that do not comprehend.

As fortune would have it, years later I would learn my presumption about writing and painting had been totally off. It wasn’t any easier for the fine artist than it was for the author with an original voice. Getting noticed and being understood had nothing to do with measuring time or paying attention. It had to do with awareness and seeing the alphabet of any true artist.

Taking it further over the years, I not only learned that getting attention as a fine artist wasn’t easier than the written word, it was, in many ways, more difficult.

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