Thursday Nov 20, 2003

The Magnificent Truth

Enlightenment is about the quality of life in this world, not the next.

Is there one ultimate truth for everything? Einstein thought it’s possible and spent his post-relativity years trying to develop a formula that explained it all. When quantum mechanics entered the world of theoretical physics, the prize was up for grabs to find the holy grail that would explain the supreme mystery of the universe, or universes. Although I won’t get into String Theory here, in reality every thing exists only in contrast.

Meanwhile, truths build upon truths as the mortar of one’s character and quality of life. It is smart to discover probable universal truths and then put them to the test in your life. Firsthand knowledge is power. In this fashion, you will know what is so instead of having to believe. Each true artist confronts tests that challenge the truth of his art every day.

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