Monday Jan 19, 2004

The Jar Lid

One day, I watched a friend trying to unscrew a stubborn lid from a jar, and couldn’t, no matter how hard he tried?

Finally, out of frustration, he said: “The lid is on way too tight and I don’t want to break the glass.”

I motioned for him to give me the jar. I noticed how hard he had been squeezing the lid. I grabbed the lid, squeezed until I had a firm hold, not a death grip, then turned until it unscrewed.

My friend looked at the opened jar and shrugged. But, I saw more than a stuck lid. I saw someone defeating himself with his own strength. Instead of applying an excess of pressure, which kept the lid from turning, to overcome resistance, he needed to apply finesse to get the job done.

Valuable lessons are everywhere, you need only be aware of them. Not too hard, and not too soft gets the job done. Buddha observed this truth, which he called the middle path between extremes, some 2,500 years ago.»

A jar is a rigid, approximately cylindrical container with a wide mouth or opening. Jars are typically made of glass, ceramic, or plastic. They are used for foods, cosmetics, medications, and chemicals that are relatively thick or viscous. They are also used for items too large to be removed from a narrow neck bottle.

Posted by wholesale jars on 09/17 at 02:02 AM from Australia.

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