Thursday Sep 04, 2008

The Incantation

Some years back a master artist put things into concise clarity by telling me that: “Nothing supercedes character.”

There, in one declarative sentence, he had cut through all the nonsense and density of the world. Here was the essence, the code of conduct, of what most people truly respect, even if they cannot yet put it into words. Here, he drew a line in the sand, the bottom line that showed on which side you stood.

Do you stand for something or are you a fence sitter?

Integrity cannot be bought and honor can only be acquired by paying ones dues in a currency minted in the realm of true grit. No degree from an institution is required to adopt this code. No prejudice exists among those who know and live by this code.

All comers welcome. Here was the core of understanding one another as well as ourselves. Here was a life lesson about character my mother, by example, had taught me many years ago.

Now, it was all coming together and the orchestration lifted me upward into a new place under the sun.

100% I stand!
nice to see you here, always!

Posted by David K, Seattle on 09/05 at 08:49 PM from Seattle.

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