Thursday Apr 03, 2003

The Eyes Have It

Some years ago in India, a student and his master were walking home along a dirt road.

The two walked mostly in quiet with the student breaking in here and there with questions about this and that.

Then the student, in the middle of his sentence, stopped and froze. Off to the side of the road lay the ravaged carcass of dog, its flesh rotted and ribcage exposed.

The master could tell that his student was visibly shaken by this “horror” and spectre of death.

Without hesitation, the master said in a strong voice: “Look! Have you ever seen such a magnificently white breastbone shining in the sun?”

The student shook his head as if trying to clear his thoughts, then looked at the master and then back at the remains of the dog.

The two men continued their walk, passed the dog who taught from death, and on toward their village in the distance.


The Eyes Have It is currently on semi-permanent hiatus. I’d like to thank everyone who supported TEHI over the years by linking to it.

Posted by cruise77 on 02/26 at 02:18 AM.

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