Thursday Oct 17, 2013

The Endgame

aldo, my rescued parakeet
Aldo, my rescued parakeet

A while back I was a featured speaker on two Webinars for artists.

After my presentation, which was not rehearsed, I asked the many hundreds of artists whether they had given any thought to their endgame. I suggested that this was an important consideration. If you think your art is the endgame, then you have limited yourself. The art is wonderful, but there’s more in connecting with the source. To end things with a tip, I told these artists this: understanding is the endgame.

Remember, do not have opinions about this one way or another. Let the seed of this concept gently take root in your awareness. Then, you will be in for a big surprise.

As the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, put it: “Understanding is the booby prize.” You can see why The Beatles liked him.

You have planted that seed. I will let it flower.


Posted by Soho Art Chick on 10/19 at 01:55 PM from Soho not Noho.

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