Tuesday Dec 03, 2002

The Choices We Make

The power to choose is one of the gifts and responsibilites in this incarnation. Choice is to make a decision and that decision leads you in a direction, which can be positive, or not. Is it this road or that road? If you don’t know which road, then you are lost. And when you are lost, it makes sense to ask how do I get there from here. The key here is know who is giving the directions.

People want freedom. Most often, however, they don’t have a grasp of the nature of freedom. Most folks think money is freedom.

Economic freedom, for all it’s hype, does not free the soul. And that is what most people are talking about.

Liberation, true freedom, comes from and is self discipline. This means doing what you want and doing it on purpose. Remember, leaders soar alone; you won’t find them in flocks.

You act, or restrain your action, with self control. This control takes determination and it’s powers and rewards are achieved over time. The more you do it, the more you realize that self discipline is the great liberator in a world of circumstances we cannot control.

Remember, the wise man knows others; the master knows himself.»

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