Sunday Mar 02, 2008

The Check, Please

From birth, we are indoctrinated in what to think, and perhaps even more devastating, how to feel. We are convinced that we belong to a nationality and a country.

If you can’t feel for yourself without the approval of others, then how can you create original work?

The terrain here is strewn with obstacles of all sorts. If you feel you are immune to mass social conditioning, then the hypnosis is working as planned by those who manipulate perceived power.

Remember, you don’t realize that the system is critically flawed until it fails you. But you don’t want to wait for that scenario. Begin now by asking yourself this question: When was the last time that I had an original thought, or an authentic emotional intelligent feeling?


I’ve been mulling over these questions all day. I don’t yet have any answers, but I do feel that asking them feels like opening a window in a pretty stale house.

Thanks for caring.

Posted by poetdiva13 on 03/03 at 10:14 PM.

Here’s something to keep in mind:

How can your work be original if you think, speak, and act in clichés?

Once your ear is attuned to this disability, you will mend your ways and your art will naturally become authentic.

Original means that the work, or feeling, did not arise from any previous thoughts or sensations.

Posted by Eden on 03/04 at 09:08 PM.

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