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Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth

eden maxwell
Eden Maxwell with Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth

Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth by Michael Savage (314 pages, Hardcover Book with notes and bibliography, pub date: 2014)

Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth is an important … no, an essential call to common sense arms if we are to take back our constitutional republic from the leftists who promote victimhood and class warfare; for years these cultural Marxists have been infiltrating our government and educational system with an acolyte ideology and the final recipe for national suicide called political correctness.

Remember, a government by the people? What happened to that concept? Savage wants to know, don’t you? To the misguided leftists who would control you while redistributing your hard earned money, big government is the answer to everything; to patriotic Americans on the right, big government is the problem.


To more fully appreciate Stop the Coming Civil War, it’s important to know a bit about the author.

Michael Savage is the #1 radio host of The Savage Nation streaming on the internet and one of the top 5 most listened-to conservative talk-show hosts in America. He is also a New York Times bestselling author of over 25 fiction and nonfiction books.

He holds a master’s degree in medical botany and a second in medical anthropology. Additionally, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in epidemiology (control of diseases) and nutrition sciences.

My late mother, a holocaust surviver, liked tuning into the Savage Nation radio show. She appreciated the host’s clear headedness and conviction. “Yes, yes,” she would say, “he’s right.”

As a political commentator, Doctor Michael Savage cut his teeth exposing the political left’s goals, tactics, and actions as they attempt to tilt the country’s axis ever closer to socialism. In his book, the author lays out his beliefs about what lefties in our government don’t want people to know, connecting the dots between their many frightening moves, and raising the not-so-apparent issues they don’t want discussed.

After listening to a variety of talk show hosts over the years, I can say that Michael Savage is without a doubt among the most literate, educated, and common sense driven personalities on radio.


Michael Savage is original in his observations. For example, he describes the Obama White House in terms of ‘purposeful incompetence’, which is similar but significantly more dangerous than the concept of planned obsolescence. The act of purposeful incompetence is a disease on this nation.

Savage knows his audience. Who are we? As the author writes: “First, we—and by ‘we’ I mean the rapidly expanding number of Americans who understand that our freedoms are being taken away daily and that we risk the loss of every positive thing America has stood for?

The independent thinking author who is not a shill for either political party calls it as he sees it. Michael is neither an alarmist nor a conspiracy advocate; he’s a realist. He presents the facts and then gives you his conclusion so you can follow his train of thought. He often remarks on his syndicated Savage Nation radio show that he and the stiff country club Republicans are not drinking buddies. He writes: “The Republican Party is a compromised party. It has come to stand for little more than what the Democratic oligarchy stands for.”


Doctor Savage’s unique stream of consciousness delivery is what engages his radio audience. Listeners know how he is feeling right now and why, which includes for example: anecdotes about his poodle Teddy, growing up pains, music, exasperation, anger, breaking news, a quote from the Bible, identifying Obama as King Lear, a poem by Dylan Thomas, and other meaningful idiosyncrasies.

You can feel the truth in Savage’s passionate entreaties to save this once great nation from the insidious acolyte Marxist usurpers. What more can one ask? If you call into his radio show, don’t ask him how he’s doing. Although Savage is mostly congenial, get to your point.

Each day on his popular radio show, Savage acquits himself as to where he stands on the important issues of our time. His timely book, Stop the Coming Civil, is an extension of his core conclusions about the future of America and its growing list of enemies—which now includes the executive branch of our own government. Obama after all is an acolyte of Saul Alinsky the communist radical and founder of community organizing in this country.


An unwavering patriot, Savage is a voice that we, especially the fence sitters known as independents, need to hear. Sometimes it’s a choice for the lesser of the two evils, if we can use that tired metaphor. As the author asserts in so many words: Those who know better must stand up to Obama—the statist tyrant who brings us closer day by day toward another dark age that would last for a millennium.

It became clear as I was reading Michael Savage’s book that Obama is The Manchurian Candidate incarnate. Others have noted this connection, too. You may think this is far-fetched. But, even if Obama isn’t a sleeper agent, he’s a sock puppet who acts the part to perfection in his onslaught to destroy this country from within.


As a listener to The Savage Nation radio show, I was curious to see how Michael who is always ahead of the curve with his observations would put it together in writing to make his case—which is also our case to preserve a Constitutional democracy based on universal healthy principles, sane freedoms, and equal opportunities to excel for all its citizens. Those ‘what’s mine is mine’ and ‘what’s yours is mine’ Marxists ideologues need apply.

Savage is in a true sense a Thomas Paine of our day. Like Paine the American Revolutionary patriot and pamphleteer, Savage too writes with a compelling stirring prose that speaks directly to the people.

Over two centuries ago, Paine famously observed: “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

“Ignorance is no one’s friend,” says Michael Savage on his top-rated radio talk show, The Savage Nation.


According to the author, we now have a duly elected Marxist regime that has risen to power for a variety of bad choices made by the people; radical leftists have been successfully deluding the weak minded and dogmatic drones with their topsy turvy illogical thinking fueled with the doublespeak of political correctness.

These socialists have the hubris to believe that they are not only smarter than you and the Republicans, but more aware than the Founding Fathers … you know, the fifty-five white men who despite certain failings were progressive universal thinkers who created a democratic republic that changed the world.

Savage notes that these hidden in plain sight Marxists are focused on destroying the heritage of the U.S. Constitution—that magical document that made this country great despite it’s intense growing pains—slavery, the Civil War, and segregation to name a few dark clouds.

The author digs deep then points out that “Marxist culture is built on the inherent distrust of strong males … Part of this administration’s war against American males is carried out through what I see as its decimation of the military ? There is no doubt that this weak president Obama has purposely degraded our military, a troubling fact that emboldens our enemies who are laughing at our suicidal doublespeak called political correctness and our inept foreign policy.

In other words, Obama the Impotent is giving Uncle Sam a case of erectile disfunction.

Those of us who know better know that we owe a debt to those who died for us and this once great nation, and that debt is to keep America free, compassionate, and virile.


As the author writes: The face of the rogue regime now in the White House is an elitist president who is also a cultural Marxist. I agree with many who see Obama as a sock puppet.

Savage uses sarcasm to good effect, as he does on his radio show and in his latest book, Stop the Coming Civil War. With no serious pushback, president ‘Ebola’ must be laughing to himself. How easy it is to debase our freedoms and the Constitution. He had promised to transform our nation. Were you listening? Don’t forget that Obama and his wife faithfully listened for twenty years to Reverend Wright spew anti-American diatribes. How long would you listen to hate speech? A minute or so before turning it off.

As I was reading Stop the Coming Civil War, I thought of this quote, which speaks for itself.

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”


Voltaire was a great wit and French philosopher. His keen observation succinctly delivers one of Savage’s warnings, which is creeping up on us day by day. Let’s not let this happen. As the author lays out the game plan: Vote out the leftist Marxist ideologues and political correctness acolytes this November. As Savage contends: The Republicans are not much better, but at least they are not out to destroy the Constitution. Once the Republicans are in office, we will hold them accountable for reclaiming our rights, and making America strong once again. A good beginning would be to immediately close our borders to illegal immigration.


The author is an astute observer of history and international affairs, including America’s own dreadful foreign policy of recent years. Remember, we allowed the Shah of Iran who we had put in power to have a government so repressive with secret police that it opened the door for the religious fanatics to take over with a new form of fascism that hates America. Our State Department in this sense is culpable for the return of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to power in Iran. Savage observes: “So much for Obama’s ‘threat’ that Iran should be wary of U.S. military power in the Middle East. It’s Iran own threats that we need to be worried about.”

Michael Savage takes the Iranian threat seriously, as do the Israelis and the Saudis. Only Obama won’t see it. Savage writes: “Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, made it clear that Iran would not rest until the United States was wiped off the map.” What happens when these religious fanatics perfect a nuclear bomb and an intercontinental missile that could easily reach Israel and our shores?

Let’s not forget that appeasement created Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and all fascist psychotic bullies. Megalomaniacs will continue to inflict their insanity unless they are stopped. Do we need another history lesson?


In his trademark in-your-face style, bestselling author, and top conservative talk-show host, Michael Savage has a lot to say about the state of the union in Stop the Coming Civil War. As he sees it, as do millions of Americans, it might be a war not between the states, but between true patriots who believe in our nation’s founding principles and those he believes who are working every day to undermine them and change the very nature of the country.

Our nation, according to Michael Savage, is in real trouble and the seeds of a second conflagration have been sown. He describes in perceptive detail the grifters currently occupying the White House. Cronyism, Marxist thinking, and ineptness define these leftists who are destroying the pillars that had held up this once great nation. The left weaned on socialism promotes and thrives on victimhood and class warfare. Divide and conquer.


The author explains the state of affairs in plain spoken English. “We have an incompetent zealot taking the nation down the road of weakness and centralized governmental control of every aspect of our lives … Monitoring our every word, controlling what we eat, drink, think, and speak. All in the name of fairness.”

Michael Savage is convinced that we face more than political differences. He believes the split between right and left is possibly irreparable—unless we understand what’s happening and how we must act to stop it. Do you agree? I agree.


Although Stop the Coming Civil War is available with thousands more copies ready in the warehouse, why as of this writing (a few days from the midterm elections) is it being listed on as being available in 2 to 3 weeks. Can you guess why? Hiding the book until after this November’s election is the expedient and logical conclusion. Although Kindle editions are available immediately, you can’t walk around with it under your arm showing the cover and the provocative title.

Despite those limp leftists clerks in certain brick and mortar book chains trying to hide the book, Stop the Coming Civil War is already a New York Times bestseller.


Although I don’t necessarily agree with Savage on certain points, if only one percent of what he’s telling us is accurate, we must acknowledge that the writing is on the wall: this once great nation is teetering on self imposed suicide by way of the leftist radical’s desire for complete control over every aspect of your life. I sum up one of the author’s points: Political correctness is a cultural virus infecting the statists, mindless bureaucrats, and an ignorant pliant population—all have freely dipped into the Kool Aid.

But, we shouldn’t be too surprised that the government has been infiltrated and now co-opted by leftist theology. For too many years now since the Federal government and the democrats have taken over the educational system—from kindergarten to college, everything has been downhill, producing generations devoid of critical thinking: dumb and dumber. Fortunately, there are many millions of Americans who are immune to the mass hypnoses inflicted by the leftists and their mindless minions.

In his book, Stop the Coming Civil War, Savage paints a grim but not unsolvable picture of today’s reality: We have a massive centralized overreaching government that is stomping out our rights one at a time, and is antithetical to our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

While reading Savage’s book, I began to again revisit Conservative and the right vs Progressive liberals and the left. Progressive and liberal is so more appealing in tone, but the left ideology is the opposite of their fair sounding labels. Conservative is too anal and restrictive sounding. Conservative Republicans need to widen their horizons on what the people and the planet need and then find a better label to symbolize such visionary unclouded thinking. Libertarian is already taken.


Listeners of The Savage Nation’s radio show tune in to be informed, not mesmerized by meaningless rhetoric and irrelevant chatter. In Stop the Coming Civil War, Savage continues to engage because he is talking directly to you his reader.

In one chapter, Savage concisely describes that the sovereignty of country is held together through its borders, language, and culture, which are eroding daily from America under the current leftist regime of Marxists. Savage can be confrontational with a positive purpose, and that is to instigate critical thinking to fight Big Brother groupthink in this once land of the free.

The problem and the solution all becomes clear after reading Stop the Coming Civil War.

As Savage explains: Domestic radical politicians and their minions want to transform America into a socialist welfare state that undoes the Constitution and is economically unsustainable. The war comes on many fronts, as the author points out with logic and insight. There is a War On: Borders, Language, and Culture, U.S. Military, Middle-class, American Medicine, Civil Rights, Science, Our Schools, and Our Allies.


The author has been raising his voice for over 20 years as America’s most direct and incisive talk radio host. Doctor Savage argues that the situation in the nation is urgent, and he is raising his voice even more loudly now by telling his Savage Truth in Stop The Coming Civil War, a title that draws a line in the sand.

The Obama regime scandals keep coming. Why have so many of our top military commanders been summarily pushed aside, after years of brave service? Is the falsification of records by VA personnel in order to cover up the horrific neglect of our brave soldiers a sign of what’s to come with Obamacare? How is Obama’s irresponsible foreign policy not only weakening us in Russia, China, and the Middle East, but actually endangering our security at home as well? What does it mean for our freedom and our way of life that negligent immigration law enforcement allows illegal aliens to cross the southern border into our country with little fear of penalty?


If you already see how perilous our nation is at this moment, then Savage’s book will further ignite you to speak up and be counted. If you’re an independent or even a liberal who is still capable of critical thinking, then Stop The Coming Civil War will open your eyes so that you can wake up.

Savage makes one compelling argument after another in his book. For example, the author references the ongoing destructive power of political correctness. When the government starts referring to illegal aliens as undocumented aliens, you see how political correctness is designed to dumb you down so you can be easily manipulated with lies. When you can’t say what it is in plain English, then you are living under the mind control doublespeak of Big Brother, remember him, where love was hate, where up was down, where war was peace, and where terrorism on an army base is called workplace violence.


While presenting this nation’s dire state of affairs in Stop the Coming Civil War, Savage also prays that he is wrong about the coming civil war.

Savage concludes: “Despite the fact that the Obama administration appears to me have no qualms about starting a second civil war, and despite what I’ve said about middle-of-the-road Republicans who too often side with their Democratic adversaries, I’m telling you that our resistance must be peaceful resistance. It must be waged through the ballot box, or else this country will descend into chaos and violence.”

The author’s fervent warning offers the unvarnished Savage truth—a call to action in the voting booth—in order to defend the freedoms our Constitution so brilliantly established.

Freedom must be won daily.

Your review definitely busted my bubble. I’m a long time dem, but I now see that I have not been paying attention to what is happening in Washington. Thanks to Savage for the wake up call.

Posted by Jon on 11/05 at 11:46 AM from New York.

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