Saturday Mar 21, 2009

Settling for Less

The other day I received an email from a regular visitor to this site, asking why I haven’t posted any thoughts in recent weeks.

Fair enough.

Sometimes, there is nothing to say, and to fill up the broadband with useless clutter is what it sounds like. Some are frightened by the silence, to be alone with themselves, which is what each true artist must confront in the mystical land where less is more. The rich cream of awareness can only rise in the stillness of your heart and soul. Can you feel the truth of it?

What if access to your radio, TV, Web, and entertainment were turned off? Suddenly, you found yourself adrift with only yourself, and no longer aware of all the news. You would be on your own—and the world be a direct reflection and expression of your own feeling and thought. I’m not suggesting the cliche of poking your head in the sand, but to be aware of who and what is doing your thinking for you.

Buddha had said humankind’s great bane was ignorance. Add any form of dogma to complete the picture.

I have found the less attached I am to be with others, the more freedom enters my life.


Posted by soho art chick on 03/24 at 05:37 PM.

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