Thursday Dec 26, 2002

Selling Out

As the new year beckons, it’s a great time to see whether there is anyone living inside you that you respect. Have you made the grade? Or, did you sell out? Only you know the answer. Sure there are pressures, obligations, and a variety of obstacles that block your way toward character. If you don’t feel good about you, then who will? And even if someone else does feel good about you, without your inner self made strong, your soul withers, and you live on to count the days, not create them.

Be hearty and strong of will. Do not be glib about your own self. Fortune favors the brave.

Happy New Year!

Note: If you want to know more about selling out, read Kafka and I in the writing section inside the main site gallery.

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Posted by Robert on 01/05 at 10:23 PM.

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