Thursday Oct 14, 2010

Second Mile Award


Janet Riehl has initiated a new achievement award in honor of her father, Erwin A. Thompson, who will be celebrating his ninety-fifth birthday in a few weeks.

Aptly named and welcome, the Second Mile Award recognizes Elders 75 years and older whose dignity, character, creativity, and connection to community have contributed to the world around them.

Erwin based his life on the parable of the Good Samaritan: Matthew 5:41: “And whosoever shall compel you to go a mile, go with him, go twain.”

The deadline for nomination essays is November 9, 2010—Erwin’s birthday.

To find out how to nominate an Elder, learn more about the award, the meaning of the Second Mile, and Erwin’s life go to this link: Erwin.

Thanks, Eden, for letting more people know about the Second Mile Award. I know your mother Adele would approve—and certainly lived her life by this principle of doing more than required.

Janet Riehl

Posted by Janet Riehl on 10/15 at 06:03 AM.

Your painting “Sanctuary” is a perfect pairing for news of the Second Mile Award.

Thanks for suggesting the idea of creating an award dedicated to my father Erwin A. Thompson.

Janet Riehl

Posted by Janet Riehl on 10/15 at 06:04 AM.

Hi Janet:

The Second Mile Award is so beautifully named, and rightly so.

It’s enlightening that you see Erwin as both your father and as an individual. This sort of attitude in heaping doses would keep lots of angst-ridden folks in the game instead of having mental issues.

Yes, the art fits, too.

Posted by Eden on 10/15 at 03:27 PM.

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