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Scorched Earth / Michael Savage

scorched earth

Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama
by Doctor Michael Savage
Hardcover: 288 pages; Publisher: Center Street (September 13, 2016)


As the 2016 presidential election looms upon us, Scorched Earth is a clear window into exposing and eliminating America’s enemies—foreign and domestic. Savage’s book has the common sense power to sway the election for Donald Trump our last best means for saving the nation from degenerating into a third world hellhole.

Review by Eden Maxwell


It would be a disservice to label multimedia icon Doctor Michael Savage with a polarizing political label. Yes, he holds traditional values as an independent, but doesn’t mix with high horse country club Republicans nor does he fear calling out traitors lurking on either side of the isle. Savage, a critical thinker, cuts to the truth like Alexander slicing open the Gordian Knot. Doctor Savage is admired by patriots for his courage and attacked by the leftist pimping media because he exposes their collusion, pettiness, and stupidity, and our decaying political system that if not resurrected to sanity will enslave us all.

Doctor Savage who deservedly won the impressive National Radio Hall of Fame award shares his dreams in Scorched Earth for a better and proud America—a nation that has been correcting its faults with no outside deviant liberal programs that fail with consistency. His hardcore book exposes the leftist mindset that wants to punish you by way of the thought police, as George Orwell predicted in his dystopian novel, 1984. The author covers areas of profound concern for those who love the land of the brave and of the free.

I’m focusing on a few topics here in some detail from the book. Sure, I can write spiffy blurb, but I want you to get a better feeling of why the book is important, as American life teeters on the brink of destruction. Michael Savage has a deep understanding of history, and it shows throughout Scorched Earth.


It’s relevant to Scorched Earth that so-called conservative media outlets mostly blacklist Michael Savage who is among the brightest of observers and commentators in politics and life. He has no peer. The fair and balanced news station should have invited the author to speak about Scorched Earth, an important book that could change the election by defeating Hillary Clinton whom we all know should at least be in federal lockup. There you have it. Liberals coerce and gain power by sticking together like all good cultists. Not the capon Republican establishment that traitorously licks the boots of the psychotic in the White Mosque, while fighting among itself for more power, more money, and accomplishing worse than nothing.


Scorched Earth is the third in a series of prophetically profound books—Stop the Coming Civil War and Government Zero being the other two. Savage’s writing is powerful, captivating, and moves quickly, so don’t forget to breathe as you read. Doctor Savage has been warning America for over 20 years that there is an incessant attack by subversives against our borders, language, and culture. It’s only gotten worse and overwhelming because those now in power have not been stopped by those who know better.

Savage holds nothing back, as he confronts those who would put him on their enemies list: “The misguided, deceitful, often hateful policies that brought us here are explained in this book. The players in this horror—Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and now Hillary Clinton—are exposed as the fear-mongering opportunists they are, filled with contempt for success and tradition, pandering to the manufactured cry of ‘diversity’ in order to divide and erode this once great nation. Their goal? To consolidate power forever in their corrupt oligarchy. But there are also solutions.”


The author in Scorched Earth not only outs the enemies of America, but offers specific plans to retake the country—a nation today where liberal fascists demean patriots as right wing fanatics because they defend the Constitution, and the freedoms it has given us to flourish. When elected President, Donald Trump, whom Savage supported early on, would be smart to adopt the solutions to save America presented in Scorched Earth, as a galvanizing template for immediate action in his new administration. Doctor Savage’s observations and advice are pragmatic gold.


Written with great passion and insight, Scorched Earth can help save America. The author names enemies without, such as Islamofascism, an insane political ideology under sharia law that’s out to destroy Western civilization. Iran is a police state run by fanatics who chant death to America and Israel. Obama tells us they don’t really mean it. The traitor in the White Mosque unconstitutionally (supported by a complicit Republican congress bought and paid for by lobbyists) props up this number one sponsor of terrorism in the world. Savage has the cojones to also expose the anarchists within whom up until now have operated with impunity. You don’t see the ACLU going after these vermin that are destroying this nation.

Last fall in Government Zero, readers will recall that Savage showed us that we no longer have a two party system. We live under the boot of absolute government and zero representation. He warned us again that our nation is in danger from two forces: “liberals and their progressive agenda, and radical Islamists with their murderous visions of jihad. Each group is working toward similar ends: to destroy Western civilization and remake it in their own respective images of socialism and sharia law.”

Since last year, Barry Obama and his criminal band of goose-stepping Marxist acolytes have done more damage to American values and the economy than any external enemy. Savage states the facts: “Liberal policies have failed the world over—Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been a wrecking-ball of bad foreign policy, causing mayhem, and chaos everywhere they go.” And liberals here and abroad (with no significant blowback, which is worth repeating) have invited the invasion of military age Muslims who hate Western Civilization into Europe and the United States. As Savage often says: Why would anyone do this?


Scorched Earth confronts us with a test of will. There is a decisive decision each one of us must make that involves two options: When the wake-up call comes we either hit the snooze button and remain asleep or opt for learning the truth, which is the beginning of freedom.

Doctor Savage takes anyone willing to see reality on a journey: How deep goes the corruption? Readers are offered the blue pill or the red pill with deference to the film The Matrix. Take the blue, as liberals do, and remain separated from your brain stem; nothing will change in your brainwashing until your head is cut off by a religious fanatic, and maybe not even then.

Take the red pill and suddenly your biased mind is for the first time open. No one uncovers the truth better than Michael Savage, an immigrant’s son that we can respect for his tenacity and courage to be a voice for liberty of thought in an insane world that would enslave you.


In Scorched Earth, Doctor Savage who entertains and educates on his top-rated radio show, asks: Who will win this war? Our psychotic enemies teach their offspring to kill the infidel without mercy or conscience. In America, young people feverishly run about playing the mobile game Pokémon GO while coddled and indoctrinated weakling college students seek out safe spaces. The pimp media daily promotes microagressions—another example of liberal mental illness (gun free zones and sanctuary cities are two others) that weakens the spirit of the people. The demented fantasy of domestic Marxists feed on creating division through racism and class warfare while transforming prosperity into scarcity. Oh, did you miss this, as Savage might put it? In Marxist Venezuela hunger is so severe that desperate people are eating zoo animals. And you think it can’t happen here.


Savage writes about fundamentals. For example, one has to start somewhere to win a war. Begin with casting a light on in-house subversives, and the exposed will scatter as cockroaches. Obama the deceiver has gotten away with crumbling many of our values, but he didn’t do any of it alone. He had the complicity of a backstabbing Republican Congress; these elected hacks lied to their constituents—the people who demanded a stop to the destructive left agenda. Barry from Honolulu has managed to emasculate the military, incite rampant racism and riots by supporting hate groups such as Black Live Matter; on threat of punishment, he pushed gay marriage down our throats and the mental illness of where boys can be girls. Sodom and Gomorrah.


As he reveals in Scorched Earth, Savage knows what happened, how the nation got to where it is today. It all came together eight years ago when those suffering from the serious mental disorder of white guilt elected a Manchurian Candidate (he might as well be) to infest the White Mosque. Add a complicit traitorous congress, a press that shamelessly fronts for the president’s disastrous Marxist ideology, and you have a once great nation committing suicide one value of morality at a time.

If you don’t succumb to the cult of progressivism, as Michael Savage reminds us, the leftists attack you with code words to intimidate and shut you up, words to incite the dimwitted: racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic. Such allegations would be laughable if they weren’t so predicable and dangerous. As a section heading in Scorched Earth makes plain for those who have not lost their survival gene: It’s not xenophobic to fear fundamentalist Muslims.

Seeing things as they are, as Savage does and elegantly so, is anathema to progressive cultists who cannot grasp reality; these far left liberals in their suicidal stupor embrace the invasion of Muslims who openly chant that they will destroy us. Throwbacks of the religion of peace want to chop your head off, rape your wife and daughters, all the while dogmatically and faithfully following their so-called holy book. As Savage notes, the Koran is replete with over thirty instructions to kill the infidel. The Koran as it is should be banned in America.


So-called entertainment in the popular culture is not so thinly veiled liberal propaganda that eventually brainwashes easily bent minds. Savage has warned America for years: The government media complex, which includes news and entertainment is a powerful form of indoctrination, which is why the nation today is under siege from within and without.

Savage gives us a clear example of when America as a nation still had the survival instinct. During WWII Hollywood and the media did their patriotic duty by demonizing the Nazis and Japan. Today, the left has control of the entertainment industry and a news media that praises and protects hate groups and Islam while vilifying patriots. Today, calling Hitler a monster would be called racist and at least a microagression by the liberals.

TV shows now more that ever blatantly portray messages by injecting propaganda into scripts for the masses to accept: white privilege, white guilt, gay marriage, lesbianism, transgendered, and the boondoggle called climate change. If you don’t agree with the left’s subversive cultural agenda, you are threatened with severe punishment that will ruin your life. Men on TV sitcoms are routinely portrayed not as father knows best, but as an idiot punchline. As one TV fictional character described the founding fathers: angry old white men. Critical thinkers like Doctor Savage and millions of his compatriots see through the drive by media, and the subtext of government tripe, misinformation, and outright thievery.

“But it’s all brainwashing,” writes the good doctor. “The president himself has said that his daughters know that global warming is real and that the future generation will embrace this more than the current generation. That concept comes right out of Mao.”


What is happening to America, asks the author? The seeds of our demise as a nation of borders, language, and culture have been planted by subversives who hide in plain sight under our freedoms with serious push back being absent. The following examples from Scorched Earth again validate the need for the Second Amendment put in place by the Founding Fathers to protect citizens from a tyrannical government. Sound familiar? Those ‘angry old white men’ surely knew how to call it. As Savage says, we are now living through a dangerous time, more so than ever, where if left to continue, progressive insanity will get us all killed.


Daniel in the Bible interpreted God’s writing on the wall. In the jungle those who can read the signs survive, and those who can’t perish. Prolific and prescient, Doctor Savage implores us to understand the signs of history so that we do not repeat the disasters. Allowing the psychotic and brainwashed to overrun a country is horrifyingly descriptive of the political climate in the America of today where rioters, murderers, and subversives are invited to the White House by the racist ‘skinny man in a suit’ who spews his hateful venom at the American people each day.


Savage recounts for those unaware and for those who might have already forgotten one of the most grisly products of Marxism in recent memory. Remember the timid college professor from Cambodia, Pol Pot. In the 1970s, he introduced Marxism to create a classless society in that ancient nation. He soon let loose gangs of youth called Khmer Rouge who rampaged through the middle-class, humiliating, torturing, and killing its most prominent members—doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, police chiefs, and anyone who wore glasses, as it labeled them with being intellectuals.

A movie titled The Killing Fields told the story of 2-3 million innocent Cambodians killed who resisted Pol Pot’s communist regime. The film depicted mountains of skulls that were found after the Marxists were overthrown. Stalin, another psychotic Marxist said: “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”
“Are we,” asks Savage, “immune to the hateful whims of a timid college professor who studied Marxism and then set out to transform his nation?” Doesn’t this sound like the “insidious process that was started by Barack Obama with his transformation of this great nation into a shadow of its former self?”

The doomed educated class in Cambodia were unarmed, unlike Americans who have the Constitutional right to bear arms. As history repeatedly teaches anyone listening, should the progressives succeed in eviscerating the Second Amendment, we the people, like all those murdered Cambodians, will not be able to defend ourselves and end up as piles of skulls for not fighting back when we could.


When it comes to guns for shielding yourself against the vermin, Savage provides another sobering tale titled: How Guns Saved Jews from the Nazis, and Why the Left Wants Yours. It’s commonly thought, based on stereotypes, that the Jewish people didn’t fight back against the Nazi genocide. The Warsaw ghetto uprising was the largest of the Jewish uprisings. There were others too.

In Germany occupied Poland during WWII, as Savage relates the story, the Bielski brothers were farm boys who hid with a small band of partisans in the woods they knew well. The Bielski partisans rescued Jews from extermination and fought against the Nazi occupiers and their collaborators. They procured arms from wherever they could, and later by killing Nazi soldiers. Soviet partisans gave them guns to fight their common enemy—the Nazis. Defiance, a 2008 movie, depicted the heroic and harrowing saga of how the Bielski partisans saved twenty thousand Jews—thanks to courage and guns. It was guns that allowed the partisans to defend themselves, not leftist suicidal lunacy that would take away your weapons.

Disarming law abiding citizens (criminals do not obey the law) under the pretense of preventing gun violence is part of the Marxist lite strategy from the White House to enslave you and your family. As Savage observes: “Tyrants depend on our compliance along with our short memories and even shorter attention spans.” Is this not so in America today more than ever? You know, as Savage also notes, should Hillary the serial liar get elected, she will rabidly attack the Second Amendment and attempt to stifle conservative speech on Talk Radio.


Radio listeners to the author’s top-rated The Savage Nation (psychological nudity) will recognize the doctor’s clarion call for sanity if we are to survive the attack on our borders, language, and culture. The celebrated raconteur in Scorched Earth lays out a concise plan and solutions to recapture the country from a brainwashed drugged leftist population that has polluted our schools, media, and government.

On a larger landscape, Savage recounts how the liberal dogma of diversity or multiculturalism is destroying our once great republic. He writes, “My heart beats with sadness to see what’s happened to this country and this military under this radical extremist in the White House.” Who will save America, asks Savage? Not the demented left. The pushback will come from the ordinary “Eddies,” as he calls them, those who defeated Hitler’s Nazi superman.

Doctor Savage also explains why ‘Donald Trump may be one of the best hopes for America’s future, as we try to regain control of our government, our country, and our national soul.’

“We—the people, the patriots—are beginning to fight back. The unprecedented rise of Donald Trump has been the spearhead of this rebellion. Whatever the outcome of this election, we have told the entrenched liberal establishment that we don’t like the direction the country is headed in. We can, and will, fight as hard as the enemy to preserve our union.”

Words well spoken.


The author, a political realist, reminds us that we must unmask our enemies to defeat them. But Obama who hates America and his goose-stepping acolytes not only refuse to do so, they pay tribute to domestic hate groups and our foreign sworn foes, putting us all in the crosshairs of dire risk.

As the doctor writes in Scorched Earth, there is more to confront than the psychotic criminals now in charge of the punitive federal government. Racist groups masquerading as peaceful protectors of our civil rights are unraveling the fabric of our borders, language, and culture. Savage pens a laundry list of subversive organizations (ACLU, CAIR, and the Southern Poverty Law Center to name but a few) that need to be investigated, unmasked, arrested if warranted, and shut down for un-American activities that are chipping at the foundational mortar of the country.

These subversive groups have one thing in common: they weaken America’s ability to defend itself and maintain law and order. As Doctor Savage often says (I’m paraphrasing) in his inimitable manner: When the vermin are at your door trying to kill you and rape your wife—who are you going to call? Marvin the drug addled psychotic leftist ACLU ‘lawya’ or the police. Enough said.


Savage throughout his book bravely calls out these front groups who hide behind free speech and civil rights—institutions they’re destroying while you sleep. The author’s analyses and straightforward logic are clear: “The number one public enemy, the head of the serpent, is the ACLU. It must be broken apart. Now, if I say that the way to do it is to start with a HUAC, House Un-American Activities Committee, investigation, I know what’s going to happen: the Left will go insane. They’ll say, ‘You’re violating our civil rights.’ They’ll say; ‘You do not have probable cause to bring people in to investigate them.’ They might be right. But, we need to do exactly that for our survival. Tell me how a society that is open like ours, that is democratic like ours, can survive when enemies of freedom, enemies of democracy are destroying society by using the very freedoms that we have in place because of the Constitution?”

Those who have not imbibed the Kool-Aid know Savage is right about exposing and destroying our enemies. To save the nation, we must act preemptively, and sort things out after law and order is restored. Those freedoms described in the Constitution and Bill of Rights come from the Creator, not the government (as the leftists would like you to believe). Our freedoms thrive in a sane society that shares a Judeo-Christian morality; not so when civil rights are granted to subversives from brainwashed holier than thou liberal atheists intent on national suicide. Then, civil liberties work against us.


Throughout Scorched Earth, Michael Savage asks the right questions. For example, how can the damage these hate groups are doing to this country be stopped? There must be a process empowered to expose and prosecute our enemies. “These groups must be investigated by the new Congress come 2017. Investigated for subversive activities that undermine the Constitution and the American way.” Savage is not naive. America is not perfect, but it is the world’s last best answer to tyranny.

From personal experience, I support Savage’s view of the ACLU. This union of pretend do-gooders intent on protecting individual rights is a criminal political enterprise undermining civil society. They destroy the Constitution daily defending traitors, subversives, felons, and violent illegal immigrants, all with the complicity of a corrupt judicial system infested with leftist lawmaking overlords called judges who routinely make the wrong decision, siding with the criminal, not the victim, or the Constitution.


Doctor Savage would like President Trump to reinstate the House Un-America Actives Committee (HUAC), or as he would name its new incarnation: LAC (Love America Committee) to annoy the sanctimonious leftists. Beware of do-gooders, as the road to hell is paved with you know what.

We need a modern and aggressive form of the HUAC. For those who don’t recall, briefly: Under Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950’s, the HUAC set out to unmask communists in the government and the media, as these subversives were intent on overthrowing the country. McCarthy came under severe attack for stepping on civil rights from the left, but the courts, not yet fully infested with leftists, did uphold the legitimacy of HUAC. War hero McCarthy had one of the most dangerous assignments as a tail gunner. The vile left derided him as Tail Gunner Joe.

In the end, McCarthy had been right. Communists had infiltrated the government, news media, and Hollywood to spew their seditious propaganda. Savage lays it out in Scorched Earth. A new HUAC is not a witch hunt, but a process to expose domestic hate groups and those with Islamic terrorist ties and funding.


Savage rightly feels that Conservatives are defining themselves to death. “Stop fighting about definitions,” he says. “Save the nation! First, we have to say it can happen here, here are the subversive groups, here is what we must do. First, unmask them. Then hold committee hearings under the new administration and investigate their money sources.” Savage is concise when he writes who is funding them exposes all. Follow the money to the traitors.

It’s not xenophobic or racist to profile the source of attacks on America. We know the terrorists are not Buddhists. But, the fearful, spineless, and untrustworthy Republican leadership falls for that trap nearly each time. You must expose your enemies to defeat them reiterates Savage. And, as the author again reminds us: Our government under the reign of the skinny man in the suit refuses to call out the enemy, which places Americans in jeopardy.

Today, the liberal left slip and fall ACLU lawyers would be screaming that a HUAC would undermine the civil rights of Muslims. But, civil rights are for civil people, not rioters, traitors, or enemies of the state. Savage asks about a new HUAC: “Why is this a violation of anyone’s rights?” There is no other way to save the republic from the anti-American groups hiding behind the Constitution to transform this country into a Marxist hellhole, as Marxism has done everywhere else on the planet.

Doctor Savage spells it out that the vote is clear: Donald Trump is the choice for a chance to reestablish American values of borders, language, and culture, a strong military, and to regain our previous status as a great nation with a moral compass in the world.

Conservatives, as Savage explains, need to understand that without the instinct for survival, our principles and freedoms become moot. The argument is sound. We must admit that our so-called leaders (the whole lot of them should be drug tested, as Savage demands) have sold us out. As Savage often says: This is treason!


When the dark hangman has that noose tightening around your neck, you welcome anyone willing to cut you down, including Donald Trump—who might not fit your ideal for president. The liberal hive mind is exceedingly more organized than the Republican so-called leadership, a small minded group that eats its own instead of stopping the corruption in the White Mosque. The liberal cultists worship Obama the Deceiver and Hillary Clinton the crook, liar, and murderer. The author reiterates, it’s up to the Eddies (the blue collar working men) of the country to save the nation, as they did in WWII in defeating the Empire of Japan and the Nazi war machine of self-described supermen.


If you thought that “low-information voter” applies only to liberals, you’re mistaken. As the doctor explains, “The term was originally coined by liberals to denigrate conservatives.”

Doctor Michael Savage takes it further, as he explains how to identify pseudo-conservative bullies. “I have a very strict firewall between the concept of preserving borders, language, and culture and the sickness of racism or telling people how to live their lives. Unfortunately, many conservatives are low-information voters as well. They scream and rant on blogs against anyone who doesn’t say the right things. They think that limitation makes them intellectuals. They are the minions the community organizers on the right are now using to tell you that Trump is not a conservative or Michael Savage is not a conservative or this one or that one is not a conservative.”


After eight divisive years of Barack Obama and mindless swarms of self-loathing locusts called liberals, Dr. Savage lays out an irrefutable case in Scorched Earth for how our nation has been undermined by terrorists from without, by anarchists from within, by a traitorous president and politicians with contempt for the Constitution and the law. A complicit liberal media blatantly pimps for Barry from Honolulu.

Scorched Earth is a gifted history lesson for those who believe that tyranny can’t happen here, and for all who know it can and will if leftists and subversives are not stopped now. Doctor Savage’s book makes it clear that ignorance is not bliss. Scorched Earth is the manual for saving America, as a free republic.

The author presents many other topics with brilliant analyses and strategies for destroying our enemies—from controlling high tech cyber-warfare to ‘religion’ is a Trojan horse.

Scorched Earth is about one thing only and it is this: Wake up America before it’s too late.

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