Thursday Nov 13, 2003

Rushing Roulette

Although the dharma path is the mythical odyssey our soul needs to complete its mission on earth, this adventure goes unsupported in Western society where fabricating human cogs takes precedence over individual necessity.

This is why so many who attain their goals and even their wildest aspirations, sadly discover emptiness instead of fulfillment.

These successful people, drones nonetheless, construct a life on an identity anchored solely by society-approved tokens of material goods. External elements, which are transitory, will never completely satisfy because there can never be enough to adorn or house a body that has overlooked its soul. These achievers have excluded the soul because the outcome of finding their dharma is a choice that cannot be quantified in advance, nor is it in demand. No one tapped you on the shoulder and insisted that you must be an artist.

If you buy into a system by rote, you become a coconspirator in your own disappointment, which is inherently inevitable within the system. Look around your circle of friends and family. You don’t realize the system you are part of is flawed until if fails. You want to be smarter than to accept an existing way of life that someone else conjured up for their own ends. Your spirit, your dharma, is like a burning candle in jar. Cover the jar and the flame goes out.»

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