Friday Dec 15, 2006

Requiem for Suzie

Last night, our dear cockatiel, Suzie, left this world. As she lay in my lap, her life force flew from her body. She was dead.

She hadn’t been well for a couple of years. The avian vet didn’t know what was wrong.  Ladylike and demur befitting her gender, she was also a fighter. With lots of love and care, she made it from day to day.

Her male cockatiel partner Sweetie is in distress. After a decade of companionship, he can’t be consoled. He’s chirping and chirping, calling out to her. But she will never answer. What can I say to him that will ease his grief? Birds do get depressed and can succumb.

Suzie was laid to rest in a wooded patch of earth. May her sweet soul rest in peace. We loved her—and a special goodbye from Grandma: “I loved you so much and will miss your delicate disposition.”


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