Monday Nov 19, 2007

Remember Vincent

Vincent van Gogh’s life as a ‘tortured’ artist has become a cliche while his art continues to sell at auction for many millions of dollars.

But the living Vincent was far from a cliche; he was a breathing, feeling, and astute person; he was lucid when he painted his remarkable canvases, and when he wrote his many letters, which provide us with an unusual opportunity as voyeurs to see inside his soul.

Here’s a wonderful website that offers Vincent’s letters, and you can search by topic as well.

His letters to his brother Theo are a narrative of his life as an artist who was not attached to the confines of impressionism, the modern art of his era.

What a great find!

Thanks for sharing Vincent …

Posted by Soho Art Chick on 11/20 at 11:01 AM from NYC.

The dynamic between Vincent and his younger brother Theo is intriguing. While Theo did support Vincent on the one hand, he had no clue that his brother’s art was something special.

Posted by Eden on 11/20 at 09:55 PM.

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