Tuesday Aug 08, 2006

Remember Siddhartha

When things are not working, it is time to pull back and see things for what they are based on personal experience, not hearsay, which is what it sounds like.

While I am not a Buddhist, I affirm its logic in my life and my art.  Here’s why:

Foremost, Buddhism endorses compassion for all living things, not murder and mayhem in the name of a deity, a prophet of doom, or political agendas. 

Buddhism is not a collection of myths and stories that test our rationality or nationality.  It does not present itself as a mystery that can only be understood by priests or certain preferred people. There are no go betweens in the philosophy of Buddhism. Instead, Buddhism presents itself as a clear and credible path that anyone can undertake according to his own understanding and ability.  It is a direct method of experiencing life that can be applied—giving results that can be experienced immediately.

Buddhism is a religion, or, as I see it, a philosophy that teaches us to take full responsibility for our actions.

Buddhism does not attempt to explain the problems in the world as part of a mysterious plan of a deity. It does not blame fate or any divine being for whatever good or bad we experience in life.  Instead, it teaches that we are accountable for the results of our past actions and that we are the masters of our own destiny. Buddhism insists that mankind takes responsibility for its own actions.

Buddhism has no room for blind faith or unthinking worship. This is the nexus of power for any conscious human being, and the divine heart of every true artist.» 

Note also that Buddhism does recognize the need for self defense.

Posted by Eden on 08/09 at 09:03 PM.

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