Sunday Aug 17, 2003

Purgatory and Purification

To become an artist of might does not come without a price. To reach in and touch the eternal flame of divine fire, the artist must first purge himself of social conditioning, smugness, personality, ego—hubris, and self-deception.

The artist must strip himself bare of all veneer to reveal the self—only then will the power of creation partner and work with the artist, whom we shall now call true.

If the artist hesitates when the challenge to test his metal appears, then life becomes a fraudulent pseudo-life—a form of purgatory that the artist can live in—or leave, if he successfully grabs the brass ring when it comes around again. These opportunities for artistic redemption are unpredictable, but they do circle back like returning comets from the cosmos—you need only be aware of them.

You do not want to be among the crowd that did too little too late as the cliché goes. If you don’t know the way, humility—as in shedding hubris previously mentioned—is the attribute that will guide you in the right inner celestial direction.»

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