Thursday Oct 07, 2004

Privileged Children Are We

We are privileged to be alive in this age of wonder where ignorance and superstition wither in the radiance of reason, communion, and truth.

Wonder, however, has its dualistic downside counterpart. With mass amounts of information comes misinformation—intentional and otherwise.

Each one of us is responsible for our own behavior, which is the sole barometer or our character.

Truth, and it is universal truth that concerns us here, is where you find it; it may be an individual, a system, or a discipline that touches you.

Whether it is Brahman, Buddha, Moses, Socrates, Jesus, Rumi, Black Elk, meditation, the Dali Lama, Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, an African shaman, Albert Schweitzer, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, your mother, or a psychology that acknowledges the transcendent richness of life, they are all describing aspects of the same thing—the absolute.» 

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