Tuesday May 13, 2003

Please, Release Me

You may recall the line: If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

One of the most difficult and most liberating of challenges is giving up judgments about this and that.

I don’t mean to give up your sense of morality or what is ethically good—treat your neighbor as you would have him treat you.

I’m referring to the incessant judgments being made about how he or she should be, or where you believe you “must” be at this stage of life. While we may all have desires and ambitions, it is much smarter to live in fulfillment now than in hope, which may or may not happen according to “your” schedule. For your desires to manifest themselves in an organic healthy way, you can have a direction and a plan to make your dream come true. The key here is not to get attached to the outcome. If you do, you lose your power, direction, and become lost in a society that all too often worships nonsense.

Remember, the true achievers of this world have a direction with plans that are easily modified to accommodate the changing winds of opportunity.

Releasing judgment is also how fine art gets to be born.»

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