Monday Jul 11, 2011

Peter Falk Remembered

girl in blue blouse
Girl in Blue Blouse by Peter Falk

Many of us remember Peter Falk who recently died for his world-famous Columbo character. Falk was adept at both drama and comedy.

But did you know Peter was an accomplished artist, a fine draughtsman? In one of his roles, he played himself in the film, Wings of Desire, where he can be seen carrying his pad, sketching various people in the movie.

Peter Falk’s versatility of expression brings up a fine point, which I often make: an artist has no medium.

Thank you, Peter, for sharing your many talents with the world. Rest in peace.


I love Peter Falk in “Wings of Desire.” It’s one of my favorite movies, and one that is little known. A classic.

One year my sweetheart and I—living in a remote area with only a VCR at our disposal—treated ourselves to film festivals on themes. One of these was the theme of Angels. “Wings of Desire” was a stand-out.

Thanks for bringing back this memory and helping me to understand more fully one of my art heroes.

Janet Riehl

Posted by Janet Riehl on 07/20 at 05:16 AM from Missouri.

I wasn’t aware that Falk was also an artist! Talented!
I love the piece you’ve posted above, is it chalks and charcoal? Or pastels?
Either way, I am a big fan!

Would have loved to get him in front of our sydney video production camera :(!

Posted by Studio33 on 08/10 at 12:24 AM from sydney.

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