Tuesday Apr 22, 2003

Persistence of Memory

If there is any doubt that your eyes can fool you, try the following experiment. Take a ruler with you and look in the bathroom mirror. It seems that the face looking back is about life-size. Now, measure the image in the mirror and you will be surprised. We see what we want to see. It’s for this reason that lawyers love having eyewitnesses to a crime. What you saw can be picked apart until you are no longer certain of what took place.

And if our perceptions of things are in question, there is a larger issue here. No one ever saw anything outside his head. Think about it and you will see the truth in it. Perception takes place solely in the mind’s eye. What appears to be in front of you is taking place within you.

Buddha knew this and saw the maya, or illusion of the world—and in that moment, he was released to experience things as they are.

So, here’s looking at you, kid—with deference to Bogey.

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