Thursday Jun 19, 2003


I enjoy creating art with color pencils, especially while having a cappuccino at my nearby Starbucks.

Occasionally, someone will come up to me, look at what I’m doing, and then ask: “How often do you crank (or churn) out one of those?”

I don’t feel the person is malicious, only ignorant.
“I don’t crank out my art,” I explain in a friendly manner. “This is not a production line and I’m not a factory involved in piecework.”

Mostly, the person invariably forces a smile and disappears. But that is their own limitation. If they wanted to know more about the process of creating art, I would be pleased to explain a bit of what I do and give them the address of my website—which I designed for such occasions. Now and then, and to my delight, a person will want to know what I mean.»

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