Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

Past is Prologue

In retrospect from one possible future. On this far flung day, many celebrated the birth of the Buddha—the same day Picasso died.

There were many questions about the past.

Why were they preoccupied with lifestyle and the mindless cult of celebrity? Why were they fearful instead of bold, unwilling to meet their fate in the name of right action? Why did they pollute mother earth with abandon for shortsighted profit and meaningless progress? Why didn’t they see that they were not at the top of the food chain? Why was ROI not seen in terms of the new generation? Why did they procreate like a virus?

Why did they place art and entertainment on the same page?

For those to come who inherent the earth, there will be many more questions about those who were not good shepherds. Sheep can be as dangerous as tyrants. As the true artist understands in the present moment: you are on sacred ground when you know where you stand.

Give posterity a chance to flower by being original, by being aware, by seeing through the enticing veils of illusion, of social conditioning.


Would you have any practical advice on how to do what you suggest?


Posted by soho art chick on 04/10 at 06:30 PM.

More than two thousand years ago, the Buddha realized that humankind was already so ingrained with bad habits, misinformation, superstition, and base ignorance, that nothing short of a worldwide ‘reboot’ could alter this destructive course.

Keep in mind, too, that it wasn’t that long ago when most of humanity thought the sun orbited around the earth, which as we now know is not the center of our solar system. Hubris is a guaranteed ticket to extinction. 

Fast forward to the present moment: embrace right action, which means do no harm. While there is nothing inherently evil about profit, let awareness be your goal—and confront this as it comes. Reboot and realize reality as it is, not as others have constructed it for you. This takes commitment and courage—but what choice do we have, really?

Posted by Eden on 04/11 at 10:23 AM.

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