Monday Oct 31, 2005

On the Fly

Thoughts can pass through any object.

Thoughts of all kinds are whizzing here, there, and everywhere. A great thought can fly across a crowded room completely unnoticed until someone becomes aware of it. Then this thought blinks into existence because someone is thinking about it.

Thoughts in themselves can do no harm or good without a corporeal outlet; even wise men have bad days.

Being aware of your thoughts gives you the power to control the positive and negative ebb and flow through you. An over exposure of negative thoughts will eventually harm living matter.

Remember, you are harboring the thought; the thought has no power if you are not a coconspirator. You are the fulcrum that permits the positive and negative to swing in balance, or not.

It is entirely up to you, and that is the beauty of the design, which is constantly at work whether you know it or not. As the pivot point, you are the constant within a system, while circumstances remain variable.

This information is power for the artist to persevere in a fickle world where chance of the draw is also a player. Luck favors a prepared soul. Luck can be made as it a function of intuition.» 

One of the really nice things about this office is its advanced applicability—you can utilize many of the conceptions regardless of the typecast of place.
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Posted by Addison on 06/03 at 07:05 AM.

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