Tuesday Mar 11, 2008

No Thinking Redux

The Internet is aglow with the notion and hype of no thinking—as if this was a recent revelation.

Dashers for enlightenment are now after this new game in town—buying heavily promoted books to elevate them somehow. Smart folk, however, have learned that you can’t chase down truth—nor will truth come and find you. Reading about a truth from a reliable source is good; but, if you want to learn how to swim, you must get wet.

Realization comes at its own pace—and insight is not plagued by any previous thoughts. No thinking (intuition is then at work) is also a pillar of Zen and the source of great art.

When the mind is still, no thinking, there is no confusion.


Today, I can say I jumped in—I just hope I don’t drown in my own understanding.

Posted by Jon on 03/14 at 03:20 PM.

When you’re in the water—if you thrash about in fear, you will soon tire and sink; if, as Alan Watts pointed out, you relax, you will float seemingly without effort.

And, as I have stated frequently, understanding is the goal.

Posted by Eden on 03/14 at 05:26 PM.

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