Sunday Apr 18, 2004

No Strings Attached

Most Americans know Pinocchio from the 1940 Walt Disney animated film that features a personable cricket named Jiminy who sings “When you wish upon a star,” lyrics that set the tone for this musical fantasy and morality tale.

Do you believe that wishes come true? Jiminy lets us know that he does and it’s Pinocchio that made him a believer.

We get the distinct impression that we too will believe after watching this tale. Note: Disney took many liberties with the original book by Carlo Collodi who had Pinocchio kill the cricket in a fit of rage a few chapters into the tale.

Pinocchio, the marionette who would be human, had a special attribute:  his nose grew longer when he told a lie and returned to normal size when he told the truth. Without getting into Freudian symbolism here, the puppet’s organic lie detector seems a significant genetic improvement over the original design.

Far from being the guileless innocent of the Disney adaptation, Pinocchio was a brat and somewhat of sociopath who had to learn the price of self-indulgence the hard way. The Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce remarked that “the wood out of which Pinocchio is carved is humanity itself.”»

Very interesting sharing! Frankly speaking I really don’t know much about this story but thank you for sharing. I think in Toy Story animation movie a character have who have the same problem like Pinocchio had. Whenever he lies nose getting bigger after saying truth it’s becomes normal. music auditions  Thanks for this good touch.

Posted by Daniel Mary on 03/15 at 04:21 AM.

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