Sunday Nov 04, 2012

No Guilt Art


I’m often asked this when I’m not painting. Don’t you feel guilty for ignoring your art?

My reply is this: Everything I do is my art, from taking care of my rescued parakeet, to pulling weeds, to cleaning, to writing.

Nothing exists without being tested. For the past two months I’ve returned to a novel that takes place in an alternate universe. I began the story five years ago. I’ve been working on my book each day with no guilt about not painting. My writing comes from the same magical source as my paintings.

This is art without neurosis. This is freedom.

Remember, the true artist has no medium.

Once again, thank you for lifting my guilt today. Instead of writing, I was out shopping, which I now consider part of my art.

Posted by poetdiva13 on 11/26 at 01:22 PM from This side of paradise.

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