Tuesday Jan 16, 2007

Nirvana is Reality

Does my model for living an authentic life hold up against the angst and the agony?

In those moments on the ‘razor’s edge’, I realize I don’t have to reinvent that old wheel of karmic understanding. I have to look no further than what Buddha revealed ages ago: that anyone can make peace with self-inflicted pain and suffering through awareness, which snaps the perceiver out of illusion and into seeing reality as it is in the here and now.

In this way, I keep my story lively while living as an artist in a state of self realization—despite the cycle of obstacles, denseness, nuisances, nonsense, and all the petty things that desperately want to derail me from my mission, my dharma to make art—and I do so daily. 

Nirvana is reality as it is.

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