Thursday Oct 20, 2005

Needs not Wants

Abraham Maslow, a founding member of Humanistic Psychology, observed that:

When man’s basic survival needs such as food, water and oxygen are satisfied they are replaced by safety needs reflecting his desire for protection against danger or deprivation.

These in turn, when satisfied, are replaced by the need for love or belonging, which are functions of man’s gregariousness and his desire to belong to a group, to give and receive friendship and to interact happily with people.

When these needs have been satisfied, the esteem needs, such as the desire for self-esteem and self-respect, are affected by a person’s reputation and his need for recognition and appreciation.

Ultimately, healthy individuals rise to a need for self-actualization or a desire for self-fulfillment, which is an urge by individuals for self-development, creativity, and job satisfaction.

Maslow was not inventing behavior; in robust terms, he was describing that which already takes place naturally.

Keep in mind too that the artist most often gives up desirable needs to persevere and fulfill his mission.» 

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