Sunday Sep 21, 2003

Natural Man

Jackson Pollock said he was nature. He killed himself anyway by driving while drunk. Pollock, yet another tortured artist, could not enjoy his own success since he didn’t know the source of his art. He felt as if he were the middle man, a fraud in some respect, and unworthy of the appreciation that came his way during his lifetime.

Whether you love or hate his work, Pollock’s life is a lesson for all artists. If you are tortured when you are unknown, becoming known is the not the bromide you might envision—as Pollock proved to himself and to any other artist smart enough to see.

Being nature as Pollock proclaimed is a grand perspective that I am in tune with. Think about it. The great artist does not emulate nature; he adds to nature by contributing to the cosmic canvas. That is what a creator does. He works in the eye of the hurricane.

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