Friday Jan 13, 2006

Nada not Dada

Celebrity art critics:

The other day I received a letter from an organization that helps artists develop their careers—so they say.

The invitation was to attend a gala event seminar (cost: nearly $1,000) in NYC to hear and meet some well-known art critics—you know, the mavens who are eager to tell you the ropes and what “they” are looking for so you will know to make it as an artist. 

As I scanned the celebrity list of critics, two names stuck out. Some years ago, I had the opportunity to meet and speak—on separate occasions—with these two harbingers of art.

I was pretty shocked—again—to discover that these profilers of who should be seen or not seen knew much about art politics and nada about art.

On balance, I don’t dismiss a critic’s contribution in getting an artist noticed; and, if you’re going to work the system, you need to know who is keeping score. Picasso learned as a young man in Paris that critical acceptance would be the key to his success.

As an artist, no one knows more about what you are doing than you do.

Do not give your power away.»

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