Monday Nov 11, 2002

Mother Earth

When you see someone littering, what goes through your thoughts?


The concept that the planet is home, the mother of all things on this globe goes unnoticed by drivers flicking their ashes and cigarettes out the car window. This is simply the metaphor.

The despoilers of the earth act with out regard for home. Whether destroying one’s enviroment is based on greed, angst, or passive agressive behavior, we need not get caught up in the reasons—reasons are the red herrings that lead you away from right action.

We need to make it untenable for the despoilers. Who will inherit the future and what will the future say about you?

Don’t wait for someone else to clean up after you.

As Goethe remarked: If everyone in the world swept in front of his own doorstep, the world would be clean.

The metaphor here can be carried over to one’s thoughts as well. You can either let weeds grow inside your mind, or cultivate a garden.

Posted by Eden on 11/28 at 08:37 PM.

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