Monday Jul 20, 2009

Moon, Dharma, Truth

From An Artist Empowered:

This book, like meditation, isn’t about relaxing; it is about transcending the mindless and mundane; it is about discovering your own self in a sea frothing with ‘I’ pronouns; it is about winning the war against yourself.

In the Zen metaphor of the master’s fingers pointing at the moon, if your attention is on the fingers, which are pointed in the right direction, you won’t see the moon, the object of truth. Universal truth is transcendental, which, by definition, is beyond the potential interpretive and often loosely hinged trapdoors of thought and reason. Universal truths, laws, and rules are all one in the same; they aren’t abstract concepts; they are the values of God who is consciousness.

In a world littered with misinformation, it is beautiful to comprehend that you can’t break a universal law, topple a universal truth, or bend a universal rule—immutable ideals not open to interpretation.

And to this end, Buddha stressed right action, which is synonymous with the transcendent; and those with an awareness of right action don’t require legislation to inform them that larceny is immoral, or, in an almost anticlimactic sense, against the law.

Are you living to survive by rote, or are you living your dharma to transcend ignorance and superstition? Sustainable growth is a good thing; mindless growth is cancer.

The true artist knows that art is the crucible for enlightened thinking and behavior.

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