Sunday Sep 11, 2005

Mission or Joyride

Is it then fair to say that you must sacrifice, even suffer, for your art—to create great art?

Is it fair to say that you will do whatever it takes to do you art with such resolve that nothing can deter you from your mission? And, make no mistake, as an artist, you are on a mission; and the only way to stop a person on a mission is to kill him.

It is a matter of life or death.

And, if the artist is to prevail, he must find his own way with conscious intent and perseverance, avoiding the pitfalls of negativity along a path strewn with the bodies of wannabe artists who floundered instead of flourished. 

Do you know what sacrifice means? If you haven’t experienced it, then the word is abstract.

Remember, you don’t suffer for your art; you suffer through the trials for finding out what your art is.» 

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