Wednesday Jul 23, 2003

Mind the Gap

A while ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Deepak Chopra on the phone. He was good enough to provide me with a few quotes for an article that has since blossomed into book I’m writing for artists on how to master rejection.

I told Deepak that I was thinking of him while riding the PATH train that runs from Hoboken, New Jersey to midtown Manhattan.

“Why is that?” he asked in his distinct Indian accent.

“On the train doors there are signs that read: Watch the Gap,” I said. The gap in this context meant the space between the train and the platform.

Deepak laughed. “Do you know what the sign reads on the tubes in London?”


“It says: Mind the Gap,” Deepak said.

“Mind the Gap,” I said, “More to the point and the gap you write about.”

In Deepak’s books, he explains that the gap is part of the precise mechanism where all our desires are manifested. The gap is the intuitive place that exists between thoughts.

As Deepak writes in his book, Creating Affluence, “The gap is the window, the corridor, the transcendental vortex through which the personal psyche communicates with the cosmic psyche.”

The gap is also the source of all great art from the soul.

I encourage everyone to read Creating Affluence and acquire the knowledge to positively change your life.

Keep in mind that making your dreams come true exists in the field of all possibilities, also known as the unified field in quantum physics. The information Deepak provides is highly concentrated, demands awareness, patience, and the results happen over time.»

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