Friday May 02, 2008

Metaphysical Shoe

The question came up.

Am a writer who paints or a painter who writes?

So, as not to box myself into labels and corners, I said: “I’m a creator who writes and paints. Remember, an artist, a creator, has no medium.

If the metaphysical shoe fits, wear it.

What exactly do you mean when say an artist has no medium?


Posted by soho art chick on 05/03 at 05:34 PM from soho and noho.

oh yes!  i know exactly what you mean.  many years ago i wrote a little piece about working in different languages with the same idea.

we express ourselves, and for reason that many of us don’t quite understand, we happen to use mediums x, y and z instead of mediums a and b.  a little twist in fate and whoops, all of a sudden we use medium k or q! 

also, in many ways, EVERYTHING becomes an artistic expression.  intellectually i’ve known that for quite a while but on a more in-the-bones level, i’m getting that more and more.

Posted by isabella mori on 05/03 at 10:03 PM from vancouver bc.

Thank you Isabella for your insight here.

Yes, the true artist does not segregate her art from living—everything (from washing dishes to walking the doggie to being a caregiver) does become an expression of the creator; this knowledge has great liberating power.

Posted by Eden on 05/04 at 08:32 AM.

ok, now i’m going to play the devil’s advocate here.  i doubt we can come up with a definition or description of a “true” artist.  look at, say, picasso, thomas mann, john daido loori, bob marley, js bach and mozart.  what different personalities, lifestyles, life stories and practices!

btw, i see you have a comment by eric maisel here.  i like his work; did a series of posts about him last year with his virtual book tour.

Posted by isabella mori on 05/04 at 08:42 AM from vancouver bc.

The true artist is one of the main themes in my book—An Artist Empowered. Of course, the definition of the true artist can be argued. However, it is up to the artist to know here he stands—as a distinction, not a comparison, or as part of a debate.

When I write the ‘true’ artist, I am specifically designating the authentic artist whose work—in whatever form—is the direct result of finding her dharma, or one’s purpose in life, which is the grand prize of temporal existence. The true artist is self-referential. She needs no outside authority or show of hands to validate her art—which is absolute. Along the way, she has learned a valuable lesson: when you respect your intuition, the form of your art will follow.

Oscar Wilde, for example, also wrote about the true artist in great detail.

Eric Maisel not only has a fine grasp of the artist and the art life, he is a prolific doer. He was generous to endorse my book.

Posted by Eden on 05/04 at 10:01 AM.

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