Friday Feb 21, 2003

Martial Artist

The late Bruce Lee deserves much credit for standing by his vision. He questioned dogma, invented himself, and created a new way of seeing martial arts.

In the 1973 film, Enter the Dragon, Lee instructs a young student on how to improve his skill: “Feel, don’t think.” Lee also tells his student about the Buddhist allegory about truth called: fingers pointing at the moon. If you watch the fingers, you can’t see the moon.

Four years later, in the George Lucas film, Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi gives Luke Skywalker the same advice. “Trust your feelings.”

What they are both saying is that you can’t go wrong if you listen to your intuition.

Feel, don’t think is also the source of great art.

For more about fingers pointing at the moon, read Character Answers All Questions inside the main site gallery.

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