Thursday Jan 04, 2007

Made by Hand

Today, it often seems that no one, including many an artist, can get a handle of what art is.

To help explain this apparent lack of comprehension, remember that art, at its essence, isn’t about fads, trends, taste, or even movements, which are like waves, not the energy creating the waves. Fine art or high art, they are one in the same; this is art from the soul, driven by passion and executed in pure emotion; this art is a source of power and creation that can’t be defined by academicians, demystified by the press, or pigeonholed with convenient labels by critics.

Remember too, that anything of quality—art, craft, or design—transcends time and remains forever a thing to be appreciated. Franz Marc’s painting Blue Horse I, for example, is as exciting for its spirit, bold colors and purity of form today as it was when he painting it nearly a century ago.

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