Saturday Mar 29, 2008

Lulu and I

In response to the many questions I’ve received about my publishing experience with, please read The Zen of POD publishing—link in the Inside Preview sidebar section.

With the power to do it yourself as an ‘Indie’ publisher comes great responsibility; it can be done by any self-inspired individual.

One of the essential characteristics of a creator is self-reliance, which is also the mother of invention.


Hey, I’ve got to say that after reading your Zen Pod article, you are the man!

I’ve been thinking self-reliant all day, and getting things done. My girlfriend will be happy.

Posted by Jon on 04/01 at 02:09 PM from NYC.

No matter what field you’re in, chances are there’s a ccda exam for it. Who knew for example, that there is network+ exam for pet trainers, Tarot card readers, acupressurists, glassblowers,mcts and biofeedback professionals?

Posted by beaben on 01/19 at 02:16 AM.

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