Friday Aug 07, 2009

Lug Nut Theory

I visit Starbucks in Santa Fe for a weekly cappuccino where I run into Frank.

We’ve talked from time to time. When he asks me how my art is coming, I show him my latest color catalog. He likes the work and he knows couple who might be interested in acquiring a piece.

We talk some more; after a few moments, Frank tells me this tale. The driver of a pickup truck felt the front wheels begin to wobble uncontrollably. He gets out to discover all four lug nuts have come off the right front wheel. He’s in the middle of nowhere; there’s a directional sign with an arrow pointing up a long road that reads: asylum.

As the driver sits in his truck feeling overwhelmed, someone knocks on his window. Need some help says the stranger. After the driver explains the situation, the stranger replies: why not take one lug nut off the other three tires, and use them on the wheel without lug nuts?

The driver is duly impressed by this simple solution. Where are you from stranger, asks the driver?

Heck, I’m a patient in this old asylum up the road.

Please take this in the right way, says the driver, but then how did you come up with such a brilliant fix for my wheels?

The stranger replies, without missing a beat: I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.

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