Monday Dec 15, 2008

Living—Not Leasing, Life

The shape of each soul is unique. Each person has a destiny to fulfill.

It is up to each person to find out what her dharma mission is and then do it—this is divine fulfillment. Until your soul finds its tenor and direct expression in belonging to your work, there is angst, regardless of how much money you are making.

Hardwired methods, models, procedures, policies, and systems—societys cookie cutter approach for stamping out “civilized” clones—are detrimental to the evolution of the individual.

The recipe for the remedy has the simple and insightful aroma of Zen.

When the work is you and you belong to your own self, you are whole, in sync with your soul—life flows along a natural course, including the uncertainty of whitewaters and hidden obstacles, with an unparalleled satisfaction of purpose.

If you think the price of the dream is too high, calculate the cost of the alternative.

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