Friday Nov 14, 2003

Life Worth Living

Wild Strawberries: a 1957 film by Swedish auteur Ingmar Bergman

Every artist needs to see this cinematic masterpiece.

Bergman’s movie is essentially a road picture about disillusionment and redemption that will be with you forever.

If you examine your life near the end, then you might realize it would have been much smarter to self-adjust your decisions along the way. In this film, Bergman explores the disenchantment of Professor Isak Borg, an elderly physician who reflects upon his life and mortality.

As the doctor travels to Lund for an honorary award after 50 years of medical practice, he finds himself repeatedly haunted by dreams and hallucinations that expose his darkest fears. He comes to realize that the choices he made in the past have created an empty life, devoid of meaning or value.

Ultimately, the story is not a tragedy. Professor Borg achieves redemption through forgiveness and the love of his family.»

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