Wednesday May 28, 2003

Laundry List

The art marketers are keen on convincing artists that the art public demands to see a lengthy scroll of exhibits, solo shows, awards, and collectors. The art marketers are also keen on convincing the art buying public that this is what “they” want of the artist as well.

The premise is that others who are presumably more astute than you have already “validated” the artist in question. Makes sense? Right?

An artist must gain exposure—in whatever form—so the public is aware of him. I have seen great art from unknown artists, and mediocre work from artists currently in vogue.

No committee ever produced a work of art. How then can a committee judge what is art? 

This laundry list approach is spurious and implies that the potential art patron wouldn’t recognize a piece of fine art from the touristy paintings on black velvet—you know the ones.

If you, the art buyer, need a committee to tell you what is art and what is not, then it’s time to educate your self so you can discern what is what on your own—and that magic happens only one on one. You will be glad you did.

To go along with the herd is one thing. The thrill, however, is in the hunt.»

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