Saturday Mar 08, 2003

Last Days in LA

Toward my last days in Los Angeles some years back when I was living in the Hollywood Hills, I had a moving sale of various items, not art. A bearded man came to the door, looked around quickly, and went directly to an item leaning against one of my easels.

“How much is that,” he asked.

I said: “Do you know what this is?”

He whipped back with: “I surely don’t.”

Hallelujah, I thought. With those two words and a contraction, the bearded man had uttered a heaven of understanding.

I said: “Then there’s no sense talking about money.”

He grinned and left. The point was keenly etched for all to see. What’s the point of discussing price, if you don’t know what you are looking at? We must all learn how to see and that is how reality reveals herself.

Let me wipe the canvas of muddy meaning clean with several even coats of white gesso and clarify the gist of three words that are often used interchangeably and abused as being synonymous: imagination, creativity, and creation. Most everyone has heard these powerful and abstract nouns used in one context or another, yet their meaning and place in the scheme of things often slips through the cracks in a semantically shoddy environment.»

Note: For more about these words, read Creation : Creativity : Imagination inside the main site gallery.

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