Friday Dec 13, 2002

Land of Make Believe

If you’ve never heard Chuck Mangione’s Land of Make Believe Concert, you owe it to your self to hear his great flugelhorn backed up by the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra with the suberb voice of Ester Satterfield, plus the support of other fine musicians.

First released in 1973, this ride of positive energy holds up nearly 30 years later. Quality does not diminish with time. I have music on when I’m painting. It sends a vibration into the room and it moves through me.

Music is unique. It is universal as it taps into feeling and transcends thinking—my kind of expression.

Wassily Kandinsky, the great Russian painter, wanted the spirit of his work to transcend in the same way the language of music liberated the soul, unbounded by the restraints of conceptualizations and dogma. That’s why he called many of his works improvisations and compositions.

The next time you want to visit a special space, put Chuck’s wonderful album on and soar into realms that are waiting for free spirits.

There is plenty of room.»

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