Sunday Jul 20, 2003

Land of Can Do

Whining has relatives, bored and excuses to name two.

If you are bored, then you are boring.

Excuses. I canít paint because the light isnít right; I canít paint with people watching me; I donít have a studio; I donít have a studio thatís big enough; I donít have the right color oils; I canít write at night; I canít compose in the morning; and all the ďI caníts and donítsĒ in the universe keep one a prisoner from entering the land called ďcan do.Ē Count and keep a log of how many negative thoughts you have in a single day; the number and their cumulative effect will startle you. 

For more about excuses (don’t put it off), read No Whining inside the main site gallery.

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